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Waterproofing Services

PWU is an industry leader in waterproofing services. Offering our services most industries including residential, commercial, industrial and more. Pressure Washing Unlimited has been sealing residential homes in the Chicagoland area for over 12 years. Our practices and products have been proven time and time again to be effective in standing up against Chicago weather. Newer buildings are built to absorb and release water in order to prevent unwanted moisture into the building. However, Chicago weather can be extreme and cause this design process to fail. Several factors will cause leaks on your building including cracks, damaged caulking, leaky roof and flashings and much more. It is important to understand why your building ls leaking and what the cause of the leak is. PWU will always provide a free inspection and we will only provide you with a quote if the work is needed. Please give us a call today one of our inspection specialist can walk you through the process and help identify potential issues, provide solutions, and provide future protection plans. Call today for more information.

Leaky Building Signs

Buildings that have leaks are not always extremely noticeable. In fact, most leaks start small and when left unattended they will gradually increase in size. Signs of water damage can show in many places including windows, ceilings, walls, flooring, painted surfaces and more. PWU advises building owners to inspect these areas often as catching water leaks early can prevent costly repairs in the future. Our inspection team has encounter many instances where building owners left water leaks unattended or they were unable to locate them which lead to significant damages. Some of the damaged areas needed to be repaired includes complete hard wood flooring, cabinets, windows, walls, drywall and much more. Our staff is trained to identify leaks using equipment to accurately determine where the water is coming from. Building owners have spent tons of money looking at roofs as the problem area only to later find out that water is leaking through the masonry at alarming rate causing massive damage.  Our team can help prevent damage and assist in identifying water leaks. Please call our professional water leak team today for a free consultation.

Why Seal Your Building?

Masonry buildings especially newer ones will benefit greatly from sealing them. Some of the benefits include water protection, increased masonry and mortar life, enhanced appearance, and more. PWU has determined this through our studies and our analytical data when comparing sealed buildings versus non sealed building. Non sealed buildings have no water barrier to provide any protection against heavy rainfall. While architects design buildings to absorb and release water, these heavy storms can overwhelm the buildings designed water defenses. When cracks and damage is added into this mix non sealed buildings have minimal defense against heavy storms. Buildings built from block are more likely to leak than other brick buildings. (Based on our data). Block buildings have hollow centers which can collect water and allow heavy water flow into the building. Over the years we have seen block buildings that have not been sealed with substantial damage and cracking. Building owners have been devastated by costly repairs. The good news is PWU has solutions that can resolve all of your water leak issues. Please call PWU for a free consultation. 

When To Seal Your Building?

Masonry buildings are always susceptible to water damage. PWU recommends to seal your building every 5 to 7 years. Annual inspections will help prevent damage and can detect any potential damage that might cause your sealant to fail. Additionally, we recommend Breathable sealants versus coatings as coatings have a low breathability percentage and can retain moisture. This moisture can cause coatings to fail prematurely and lead to damage. Additionally, coatings that have failed often crack or peal which is costly to repair properly. Such coatings may need to be removed completely in order to install a new coating or sealant. Breathable penetrating sealants on the other hand last a certain duration of time the dissipate. Once they start to wear away a new penetrating sealant can be applied with no setbacks. Proper preparation must be addressed prior to the application of the sealant in order to obtain the proper sealant depth. Masonry surfaces must always be clean and dry before to sealant can be applied. Weather conditions will also affect the sealant process. Hot weather can prevent sealant from reaching their desired depth in order to provide the maximum sealant depth. For more detailed information, please call PWU today. 

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