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Building Restoration

Restoration of a building is a tedious and skilled project. Pressure Washing Unlimited is here to help maintain a professional, clean exterior and interior. We are able to self-preform exterior building washings, caulking, Brick Replacement & tuck-pointing, Concrete Repair, Sealant Removal & Replacement, Painting, Bird Deterrence, Restoration Cleaning, and much more. Please call for more information. 

Sealant Removal&Reapplication 

Removing sealers and coatings can be challenging and prolonging. This is where PWU comes in to make your life easier with our vast knowledge. Sealers and coatings are meant to serve a purpose, and often can difficult to choose the proper product for your project. Geographical location, severe weather, surface and material type amongst other things can also factor into these decisions. The longevity of your project really depends on the proper selections of products to treat each situation. PWU can evaluate and recommend a quality product based on your environment. Samples and testing is often available upon request. With hundreds or products to choose from PWU will help filter the products, request samples, and install test applications. Testing helps confirm the products reliability based on real world use. From start to finish we got you covered! 


Pressure Washing Unlimited is highly skilled in the application and removal of coatings and sealants on all surfaces. Please call us for a no hassle quote today. We will gladly walk you through the process. 

Exterior Building Washing

Exterior power washing is a highly skilled trade and should be done by experienced professionals. Structures with damage, leaks, bad joints, and other things can lead to further damage while pressure washing if done improperly. Inspections prior to cleaning is mandatory and will insure the safety for all involved. PWU can safely and effectively clean buildings without causing damage. We will provide you with a free visual inspection, site specific safety plan, cleaning and damage prevention plan, Pressure washing procedure plan, Scheduling plan, and a free quote. All plans are adjusted to fit each customer’s unique business based on how they operate.

PWU has the equipment, experience, and man power to tackle any project for any duration. Our in-house experts have hundreds of combined years of experience. With our proprietary cleaning methods and state of the art equipment success is guaranteed.



If you have any questions or need help making a proper decision, call us at 773-392-1500. We are here 24/7 for all your needs. 

Caulking and Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is a technique used in masonry that involves filling gaps between mortar and brick by coordinating the color of the mortar to match the brick. There are many benefits from having your building tuck-pointed. One of the benefits from tuck-pointing is further mortar deterioration will be stopped before more serious problems occur. The mortar joints of your property will be strengthened, restoring the structural stability of your property. Moisture will no longer be able to get into your property, causing mold, mildew and rotting wood. Caulking windows, doors, and fixtures will also help prevent unwanted water and moisture from entering the building. Newer buildings with single layers of block or brick are more susceptible to leaks and moisture than older multi-layer brick facilities. While these newer buildings are designed to absorb and release water, often times buildings absorb more than they can handle. The best know solution is the combination of tuck-pointing, caulking, and applying a quality sealant. This method will insure the longevity of your masonry. Call for more in depth details. 

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