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Fleet Washing and Heavy Equipment Cleanup

PWU offers cleaning solutions for all of your heavy-duty, large, and agriculture equipment. Pressure Washing Unlimited is experienced in pressure washing all types of heavy-duty equipment. We offer steam cleaning, grease removal, and on-site cleaning. No matter how dirty your equipment is, or where it may be located, PWU can clean it. With self-contained pressure washing trucks, remote sites are now easily accessible to suit your needs. All of our trucks carry their own water source, have water recovery equipment, and have waste water recovery tanks. To make sure you clean your equipment safely and easily, call us with your specific needs!

Fleet Truck Washing

Pressure Washing Unlimited has been in the fleet washing industry for over 20 years. PWU specializes in waste water recovery with on board filtration systems. This saves our customers money, reduces environmental impact, and prolongs our pressure washing reserve water. The utilization of this system ensures safe cleaning and eliminates potential fines form improper waste water disposal. Get it done properly the first time with PWU!


For fleet washing prices, give us a call at 773-392-1500. We are here 24 hours a day to better service you.

Equipment Cleaning 

Pressure Washing Unlimited is heavily experienced in cleaning various types of heavy equipment. Our self-contained vehicles allow for cleaning large equipment virtually anywhere with no water source. Oil and grease can be contained, recovered, and recycled using our unique cleaning methods. PWU has helped clean equipment in the field for years to identify leaks and get the equipment back to work immediately. 


Regardless if it is one piece of equipment or a whole fleet, we have a quick fix for you!

Routine Fleet Washing

Pressure Washing Unlimited has been maintaining fleet accounts for over 20 years. Within this time, we have perfected our cleaning methods to be safe, efficient, and effective. Proprietary pressure washing methods make our service affordable, timely, and reliable. PWU offers routine cleaning schedules 7 days a week 24 hours a day to accommodate any situation. Please call for further information.


We know the importance of your appearance, and we want to help continue your success. 

Adjustable Pressure Washers


PWU is known for a high quality job every time. What makes us unique is our dedication, hard work, and determination to succeed. PWU will always hand scrub each vehicle in combination with biodegradable safe and effective cleaners. Pressure washing is handled with state of the art variable pressure and volume machines. These machines allow for onsite adjustments by our certified wash technicians. Adjustments allow for increase or decrease in water volume and pressure settings. These adjustments are critical in preserving water, eliminating damage, and cleaning different surfaces properly. Most cleaning is done with low pressure and high water volume. Cleaning in this manner effectively cleans, rinses, and eliminates any possibility of unnecessary damage. Steam and hot water also play a vital role in cleaning power. PWU has adjustable temperature controls to allow for fast adjustments to fit any criteria. In some cases, steam and hot water can replace the use of chemical to clean certain surfaces thus lowering cost. PWU wash technicians has vast knowledge in identifying these situations and will adjust all settings accordingly on each project. 


Fleet Vehicle Capabilities


Each self-contained vehicle from PWU is capable to safely and effectively clean approximately 300-500 fleet vehicles per shift. The entire PWU clean combined can clean thousands of fleet vehicles per day! The proprietary unique cleaning process implemented by PWU allows for significant savings to all of our clients. We have various sized trucks to carry 550 to 2500 gallons of water to handle any fleet size. Multiple trucks and additional pressure washing technicians are also available for large fleet owners. We understand the importance of a timely, smooth, and quality process. Rest assured PWU will deliver excellence on every occasion!

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