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Commercial Painting

Pressure Washing Unlimited is here to provide professional, commercial painting. Pressure Washing Unlimited evaluates a customer’s painting needs. Then PWU establishes project specifications. We want to meet the demands of every job according to requirements and budget. We are here to work with our customers. Pressure Washing Unlimited uses a variety of painting methods (i.e. brush, roller and spray). Need additional information? Please call us at 773-392-1500.

Exterior Painting 


With the fluctuating climate and the change of seasons, it is important to protect your facility from the outdoor elements. To make sure your property is protected, PWU thoroughly prepares all surfaces. This can include power washing, caulking cracks, patching holes, or replacing damaged surfaces. Pressure Washing Unlimited applies the appropriate primer on bare substrate or rusted surfaces. PWU will then follow that with a coating system specified for your particular need. And through it all, we will protect the building’s adjacent surfaces, fixtures, and landscaping.

At Pressure Washing Unlimited, we provide our wide experience with commercial and industrial work for you, including detailed product knowledge to help you decide on the right materials for your building. In addition, our expert workers take the time to do every step of the project correctly, including the laborious preparation, so that your projects will receive maximum performance. Pressure Washing Unlimited has commercial, industrial, and residential crews who also work evenings, weekends, holidays. We want to make your project swift, efficient, with over the top quality. We understand painting is often an inconvenience to business that need to stay open during the process. That’s why PWU will work around the clock to accommodate whatever schedule works best for you. We have all the proper equipment to operate at any time of the day. We are here for our customers and are always willing to do what it takes to get it done right the first time.

Interior Painting

There is a lot more to commercial and industrial interior painting than just brushing, rolling or spraying a coating on a substrate. Arrangement and preparation for painting, particularly on rehabilitation jobs, can be very involved and require elaborate equipment and technical expertise. In commercial and industrial painting there are usually production, office equipment, and furniture to protect.


There is a need for project coordination to assure the smooth, non-disruptive flow of the work. Which can also be true for an industrial environment. Pressure Washing Unlimited takes all precautions necessary before performing any work. We can fabricate protective barriers to prevent paint from entering unwanted areas, and onto expensive equipment. PWU works closely with site mangers to devise safety plans to insure a safe project. We will learn about your operation and daily routine, and use this information to insure safety of all PWU employees and your employees. Site specific safety programs are always implemented and enforced of all projects. This helps all involved perform exceedingly and will insure quality.

When a project is done right the first time, the proper material is used by highly qualified applicators and the job is done with a minimum of disruption to an active business, it is well worth the money spent. It really costs no more to get the very best. Pressure Washing Unlimited is here to make sure all your painting needs are taken care of properly. 



Sealing, Waterproofing,
and Coating

Pressure Washing Unlimited has sealed, waterproofed and coated over 5,000 buildings in Chicago. 


Building sealing effectively water proofs a building to prevent penetration. Leak repairs may be carried out using corrective techniques, but often building waterproofing is carried out preventatively, to stop leaks occurring in the first place.

Preventative maintenance is essential to reduce the risk for unwanted damage. Water leakage can result in serious, significant, and costly repairs. Knowing what sealant best suites your building is also vital to the longevity and durability of the process. PWU is experienced and knowledgeable with history files of sealants, and their perfuming values. Manufactures often make claims of warranties that simply do not hold up under the Chicago weather conditions. PWU documents and records our projects to compile real world analytical data. This data along with manufacture input allows us to make an educated decision in determining which products will work best in each situation. Further testing and sampling is also done to help determine all factors in the waterproofing procedure. The science behind waterproofing is vast and constantly expanding. PWU grows, studies, and educates our staff consistently to insure proper installation, maintenance, and provide warranties for our service.  Speak with one of our many specialists today for more information. 


For more information, please give PWU a call at 773-392-1500. 

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