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Festival/Special Event Cleanup

Pressure Washing Unlimited specializes in festival cleanup. We offer a full cleaning service for festivals and special events. PWU has serviced many festivals, including the Taste of Chicago, Air and Water Show, Blues Fest, and many more. PWU is capable of handling a large area cleanup in a very short time. We have custom-built special equipment not owned or made by anyone else in the industry. Our in-house engineers built large equipment to suit our needs. PWU understands time is of the essence. That's why we spare no expense in building the best cutting-edge technology that is not available anywhere else in the world! PWU outperforms the competition with state-of-the-art cleaning solutions while providing cost-effective prices to fit your budget.

Special Event Clean-up​

Pressure Washing Unlimited is Chicago's number 1 event clean-up crew. We work with the City of Chicago to maintain a clean environment are all city festivals. 


Some major events Pressure Washing Unlimited provides service for is The Taste of Chicago, Race to the Taste, Chicago Jazz Festival, Blues Fest, Air and Water Show, and more. 

PWU has been responsible for cleaning all of Chicago’s large festivals for the past 8 years. Pressure washing over 8 blocks and all of the sidewalks, stages, and garbage areas in less than 6 hours. This is an amazing feat to accomplish for any company. PWU is able to clean all of these areas with outstanding quality. That’s why PWU continues to provide pressure washing services for all of the special events to this day. Custom fabricated equipment allows our staff to handle large scale projects safely, effectively, and quickly. PWU engineers and fabricators work closely with our project managers to develop and implement new technology every day. PWU is often hired for large scale difficult project’s that conventional equipment will not handle. Our equipment is unlike anything else in the world! Our trucks and equipment are able to do the work of five times the standard pressure washing equipment with high quality operators. This allows us to provide low cost effective cleaning procedure’s with outstanding quality. 


If you need a reliable company to provide you with major event clean-up, call Pressure Washing Unlimited. We will be at your service 24/7.

5K Race (Color Run) Clean-up

There are tons of 5K runs done throughout Illinois and across the country. Pressure Washing Unlimited provides cleaning services for these runs every year. These color runs consist of massive amounts of people, colored packs, music, and more. The events are a new exciting trend which ultimately leaves a large mess. Participants will generally run through a series of color pits where color get thrown onto them while they run. Most color runs contain 5 or more color pits in different parts of the run. The color pits ultimately become a giant color mess which needs to be cleaned. In most situations large amounts of water is sufficient to clean and restore the area to its original condition. However, if left unattended for a longer time these areas become more difficult to clean. Vacuum trucks are often used prior to pressure washing to collect as much of the color as possible. Pressure washing follows with massive cleaning and high volume flushing. The Color packs are typically 99 percent corn starch and are fully biodegradable.

PWU is hired to clean these events based our equipment, experience, and rapid cleaning abilities. Most situations are in need of rapid cleaning to turn the property back over to the city within the agreed contractual time. Failure to do so can result in additional cost to the color run provider.  PWU works efficiently amongst other crews to get the job done on time. Please call us today and let PWU join your color run cleanup crew!

Why to choose PWU for your special event needs:
            Competitive pricing

PWU has been providing services for special events for over 8 years on a vary consistent basis. Throughout this time, we have perfected our equipment and techniques to clean special events. This knowledge and experience allows us to provide cost effective pricing. While every event is unique, we understand how they operate and what to expect. PWU will plan accordingly and will never seek additional payment for any reason.  


              Quality cleaning

Needless to say, while cleaning quality is the most important factor. That’s why PWU has at least one project manager, quality control manager, and one safety manager on every special event. These individuals will address any quality issues and insure all aspects of the project are completed properly.



PWU and our staff has been providing service for Chicago’s largest special events and festival’s for the past 8 years.  Additionally, PWU has been providing the same services to other cities and organizations for over 20 years. Making Pressure Washing Unlimited one of the most experienced festival cleaning companies in the country. Give us a call for more information.



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