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Gas Station Washing 

Gas stations need regular cleaning more than typical facilities in almost any other industry. Clients interact directly with the exterior of your business, often leaving a mess at your pump and parking areas. For customers, the appearance of a gas station may be the only information they use to choose between your facility and a competitor, it is proven that consumers feel safer and prefer doing business at retail sites that maintains a clean facility. The City of Chicago requires mandatory pressure washing twice per year with waste water recovery by a certified contractor. Furthermore, gas stations must display a certificate provided by the contractor with the information provided by the contractor. Failure to pressure wash in the proper manner will result in penalties and significant fines. Any waste water that was allowed to enter storm drains or water ways must be cleaned by a certified company as well. This will result in additional penalties and fines along with the cost of cleanup and drain pumping. The risk of using a non-certified company is risky, costly, and dangerous to our environment. Call Pressure Washing Unlimited for a safe and proper pressure washing service.


Oil, gas and gum stains can be difficult to cleanup, but PWU can renew the look of your station while eliminating damage to your equipment and the surrounding environment. Whether your cleaning needs are limited to one retail fuel site, or you have a chain of gas stations and convenient stores, PWU can provide a cleaning program to safely meet your needs. 

Benefits from Maintaining Fuel Stations

Pressure Washing Unlimited has been power washing fuel stations for over 15 years. We have learned that if you maintain your fuel station you will receive more customers. 


Benefits of safely pressure washing your fuel stations 


  • A cleaner appreance.

  • Customers will feel safer and are more likely to return to your gas station.

  • Help you stay above compeition.

  • Pressure washing properly will ensure contaminents do not enter near by water ways.

  • Provide a brighter cleaner environment.

  • Help customers understand you care about your facilty and the safety of your customers.

  • Reduce the risk of slips and falls from slick oil and grease spots.


There are many benefits for providing a clean facility to your customers. Recent studies have shown that people would rather shop in clean bright stores. This eases the mind and helps provide a sense of security. Independent surveys have shown 9 out of 10 people would likely return to a gas station regularly if it was clean, well lit, with friendly service technicians. These surveys have also shown 9 out of 10 customers would not even stop at a dingy, dirty, and poorly lit gas station.  PWU can help get your site up to par, and help you generate more income with your clean fuel station. Don’t settle for subpar service call PWU today!



Services Provided by PWU at Gas Stations:

  • Flat work maintain.

  • Gum removal

  • Oil and grease removal 

  • Canopy cleaning

  • facade power washing

  • Light fixture cleaning

  • Water recovery

  • Pump cleaning

  • painting

  • Snow plowing

  • Seal coating

  • Line striping

  • Light bulb replacement

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Polehole repair

  • Waterproofing

  • Graffiti removal

  • graffiti prevention sealants

  • Janitorial services

  • Sign installation 

  • Sign removal

  • Window washing

  • And much more! 


Owning all of our equipment allows us to provide fast, efficient, cost effective services. PWU owns ariel man lifts, bucket trucks, boom lifts, dump trucks, self-contained pressure washing trucks, water recovery equipment, and so much more! We have the equipment, experience, and man power to handle all of the services listed above with ease. Pressure Washing Unlimited is a single source for all of your fuel station needs. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience has allowed us to work with most every know large fuel station service provider. With more than 1500 gas stations cleaned annually PWU is a sure and safe bet to get the job done right!

Chemical Recovery and Why it is Important 

Pressure Washing Unlimited is here to offer waste water recovery from gas station. It is an EPA regulation that water be reclaimed after power washing gas stations due to hazardous chemicals. While gasoline offers a great advantage to us by powering our cars and buses, it has some drawbacks too. Gasoline is composed of over 200 different chemicals with four known that are toxic to humans – benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylene. These chemical often leak onto the gas station concrete surface and most people do not realize the danger. When power washing these surfaces, drains should be closed off so it does not go back into our water system. The waste water then should be collected, treated, and disposed of properly. PWU has been recovering and treating waste water for years. Individuals who do not recover the waste water are subject to fines and severe penalties. Helping preserve our environment is a serious matter and should always be considered while pressure washing at fuel stations. Allowing contaminants to enter into storm drains is illegal and detrimental to our ecosystem. Pressure Washing Unlimited will always clean your facility in a safe manner. Our waste water is either treated and reused, or disposed of at a treatment center. Routine maintenance programs are the best way to keep a clean facility and help lower cleaning cost.

PWU wants to prevent hazardous situation and are here 24/7 to maintain gas station clean-ups. Please call us at 773 392-1500 to learn more information. 

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