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Sidewalks are a customer’s first step into your business, and making a good first impression is essential. Having a clean sidewalk and exterior lets your customers know you're serious about business. Customers often judge a business by their exterior appearance and will decide if they will stop in or not based solely on the cleanliness alone. Cleaning your sidewalks and facade regularly with reputable company is a sure way to increase your customer base. PWU can accommodate any schedule and work at times that will not interrupt normal business. Our self-contained trucks can handle jobs of any size! Take the first step to retain more customers by calling Pressure Washing Unlimited today! 

Pressure Washing Concrete

Cleaning concrete periodically will extend its service life and enhance its beauty. Spring cleaning is one of the most critical times to pressure wash concrete. Salt build up over the winter collects on all surfaces which will lead to corrosion, spawning, and cracking. Since concrete is porous salt will collect deep into the surface and remain there until it has been cleaned. The salt in the winter will cause a freeze and thaw effect. Snow or ice that is melted by salt can seep onto the concrete, when temperatures drop again the water may freeze and cause cracking. One of the most effective way to prevent this is by using a masonry sealant. For the best protection PWU recommends a quality pressure washing service followed by the application of a masonry sealant. Once the concrete has been sealed PWU recommends pressure washing the surface twice per year based on manufactures recommendations. Reduced pressure in this setting is often suitable in obtaining a quality job. Please speak to a PWU representative for further information about sealants and how to protect concrete. PWU is able to provide miles of sidewalk cleaning per day, clean multiple stores, and gas stations with use of our large fleet. 


Let Pressure Washing Unlimited help you get the proper care for your surface.


Proper Procedures 

Every company has their own technics on how things should be done and the proper steps to take. Here at Pressure Washing Unlimited we have dedicated years to mastering the best techniques to take proper care and caution to all surfaces. Testing should always be done on all surfaces prior to performing a full cleaning procedure. Our adjustable machines allow us to configure pressure and volume settings for each application. Applying to much pressure to a surface can cause damage this is why testing is essential. While more power and pressure will clean faster this method is not always safe. PWU uses lower pressure with hot water and higher volume in most applications. Have you ever noticed pressure washing marks on sidewalks that seem to last for a long time? More often than not this is a sign of etching damage caused by under experienced pressure washing. Etching is when a layer of the surface has been removed leaving a noticeable print. Once a surface has been etched there is only one way to even the damaged surface. The entire surface must be etched equally to provide a uniform finish. This process can be pricey and is easily avoided by cleaning with the proper settings. PWU has mastered the art of pressure washing in order to insure safe, effective, and quality service.

For more information or to schedule an estimate please call us at 773-392-1500. 

Gum Removal on Concrete

Gum on sidewalks is one of the unsightliness things customers see before they enter your business. Uncleaned sidewalks, parking garages, and other flatwork leave an impression that the business don’t take care of the property. Which ultimately leaves customers to think they may not receive good service. This thought process will often detour new customers from entering your facility. Pressure washing is a cost effective way to show customers you care about the cleanliness of your facility. Clean and bright parking garages provide for an inviting safe feeling. Customers who feel safe and confident in your facility are sure to enter and return consistently. Pressure Washing Unlimited can evaluate your facility and provide a routine maintenance program to keep things looking new. Routine programs offer reduced cost cleaning, consistent cleanliness, and helps prolong the life of masonry surfaces. PWU can even provide additional cleaning services to fit any criteria including, janitorial, window washing, awning cleaning, sweeping, landscaping and much more. We take pride in all we do and that passion shows in all of our workmanship. PWU employees are passionate about their jobs and will always go the extra mile, even if that means PWU has to cover the cost! How many other companies can say that?

Sidewalk Cleanup

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