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Water Recovery/Transport Services

We offer immediate response pressure washing for emergencies and natural disasters. PWU has trucks available 24/7 that are dedicated to this service. Each truck is fully self-contained and equipped with waste water recovery systems to help contain toxins and waste water. PWU cares about our environment and that's why these trucks were put into service. PWU is tired of seeing harmful contaminants washed into our sewers and waterways. We devote ourselves to making a difference! When disaster strikes Pressure Washing Unlimited is here to help. From hazardous waste removal, hurricanes, floods, earth quakes, to tornados; PWU can help restore any environment.

Water Contamination 

Water contamination is described as hazardous materials, any kind that are contaminating a source of water. This could include both biological and chemical substances. The water source may be: ponds, lakes, seas, oceans, or reservoirs used for drinking and bathing by humans. The most common types of water contamination are chemical runoff from homes, businesses, and human or animal waste materials. Pressure Washing Unlimited is here to help manage these issues, and to better our environment. 


"In industrialized nations, water contamination is much less common than in third world and developing countries. That’s because sophisticated water purification systems are in place to clean waste materials from the water, disinfect it using chemicals, and then purify it so that it is safe for consumption. Areas that do not have these technologies may encounter contaminated water due to animal wastes entering the water supply or household chemicals running from the ground into underground wells."


Pressure washing often requires chemicals for cleaning purposes. These chemicals should never be disposed off improperly or allowed to enter into storm drains. Any substances or chemicals produced from pressure washing should always be recovered, treated, and disposed of properly. Even when chemicals are not used for cleaning, the surfaces in which are being washed may have contaminants. All surfaces should be evaluated prior to cleaning to insure contamination into water ways will be prevented. PWU will always capture, contain, treat, and reuse our waste water. This practice is an industry standard amongst the professional pressure washing industry. Please note that under the ILLIONOIS CLEAN WATER ACT any non-compliant individuals are subject to fines and penalties. Please review the law for complete information. PWU will be glad to assist with any questions as best possible. 


PWU has state of the art custom self-contained pressure washing vehicles to clean, collect, treat, and reuse waste water generated by our power washing. In some cases, PWU may opt to collect waste water and transport the waste to a certified waste water treatment plant. This is typical of large scale projects. 


Please call for more information and ask to speak with one of our specialist.

Chemical Clean-up

Have you ever wondered where spilled oil, chemicals, or waste that’s left there goes once it rains? Or what happens to the detergent that runs down the driveway when you wash your truck, car, or motorcycle? What happens to pressure washing generated waste water that is not recovered? The spilled oils, detergents, dirty water, chemicals, and other waste is carried through city drains into the nearest lake, stream, bay or ocean. Waste water from your home enters a sewer to be collected at a sewage treatment facility. The sewage is then treated and released into clean water ways once suitable. On the other hand, rain sewers do not get treated instead they enter local water ways including ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. This is why it is critical to prevent unwanted chemicals from entering these water ways. Plants, fish, animals, and entire ecosystems rely on clean water to sustain.  PWU urges you to do your part and help prevent contamination. PWU can clean spills and prevent unwanted waste from entering storm drains. PWU will treat this water in our trucks, at our shop, or transport the waste to the proper recycling plant. 


Pressure Washing Unlimited is here on-call, 24 hours a day to attend to your chemical clean-up maintenance. We want to prevent any hazardous chemicals from reaching sewers, drains, water ways, ETC. Rembert it is everyone’s responsibility to keep our environment clean and safe.


Businesses as well as residential home-owners may know that water recovery can be very costly. It is in PWU best interest to provide you with top-of-the-line service at the economically-lowest pricing. We have fully, self-contained service trucks with water recovery units on them that can help with any situation. There is not a job to big or small for PWU to service. 


Below are some helpful way to protect your environment from preventable chemical spillage: 


  • Don't dump waste into storm drains.

  • Dispose of household chemicals properly by following the directions on the package or by calling the local public works department for proper disposal guidelines.

  • Clean up oil spills properly and fix leaking automobiles.

  • Use drip pans to catch engine oil and other pollutants while repairing cars.

  • Recycle used motor oil.

  • Sweep driveways clean instead of hosing them down.

  • Water your lawn by hand, or adjusted sprinklers to avoid over-watering. If any water flows off your lawn, you're using too much water.

  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash with waste water treatment.

Response Timing and Reclamation


When disaster strikes time is of the essence. PWU understands the importance of getting people back to their normal lives. Rapid response and safe quality cleaning is our mission in times of havoc. With Pressure Washing Unlimited we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our crew has tremendous experience with disaster and natural disaster clean up. 


PWU works quick and efficiently to restore the environment to its natural settings, so the community can go about its day-to-day activities. We also like to get the community involved in these projects. Often times people are left without jobs, housing, and food for their families. PWU will help some of these individuals by providing them with employment in their community. Individuals who work and live in their community bring passion and commitment to the team for a combined unique experience. Passion, commitment, experience, and the proper equipment is vital in providing a rapid recovery process.  PWU cares about your community and all the occupants of the community. That’s why we want to work with you to insure the best possible outcome of a bad situation. 


Services we provide for disasters:


  • Pressure washing

  • Water removal and pumping

  • Trash removal

  • Disinfection

  • Heavy debris and junk removal

  • Waste water transportation

  • Dump truck services

  • Tree cutting, removal, and disposal

  • Hauling and flatbed service.

  • Other services may be available


PWU is fully dedicated to the community and the tasks at hand. We would like to make the bad situation as smooth and effective as possible. Enlisting in the community to help bring order, commitment, and passion has been successful in the past and we will continue this in the future. We believe bringing the community is the first step to a speedy recovery. PWU will help train local community members immediately to partake in the cleanup process. No formal training is needed and we can train most anyone willing to work and help out. Often times training can be done in a few hours per induvial with hands on learning. PWU has project managers and supervisors to oversee the project from start to finish. Please give us a call to get set up and ready to go before disaster strikes. Preparation will help insure a rapid recovery procedure.


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