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Sporting and entertainment arenas are huge facilities with enormous cleaning needs. Thousands of fans, spectators, and enthusiast enter these facilities and are often reluctant to clean up after themselves. The result is a staggering mess which needs to be cleaned immediately and proficiently. PWU and our staff has been providing services of the like for many years. In fact, cleaning large areas in short time is our specialty. Pressure Washing Unlimited is sought after for our skill and ability to accomplish these feats across the country. Our secret to success lies within our skilled employees and custom made cleaning equipment. Thinking outside of the box to create unique, effective, and efficient cleaning procedures. Call Pressure Washing Unlimited for devise a cleaning program today.

Stadium Clean-up


We have an experienced and enthusiastic staff base able to provide event cleaning. The staff at PWU sets us apart from our competitors, PWU staff is truly passionate about what they do. After all, if you love what you do for work then it’s not really work is it? This attitude is universal throughout PWU and it shows time and time again in our elegant services. Our mission is to quickly restore the facility and land to its original condition. In most cases PWU actually brings a new level of cleanliness to the table. Providing a cleaner, brighter, and more distinguished look than ever before. Our event cleaning services extend to the cleaning festival stages, marquees, big top tents, exhibition stands, and more. Whatever you might have we'll be happy to clean and service it! Our event experience ranges from small events to large festivals, both indoors and outdoors, providing our range of services to meet the needs of our varied client base.

Outdoor Concert Maintainence 

If you are planning an outside concert, charity function or any other celebration near the Chicagoland area, Pressure Washing Unlimited can help with affordable outdoor event cleaning services before, during and after the special occasion. ​ PWU is commonly hired for venues across the Chicagoland Area such as The Taste of Chicago which features outdoor concerts. Most of these concerts last days or even weeks which leads to a massive mess. Our experienced staff can help create order and provide a clean environment. We offer a full line of services including but not limited to:

  • Trash collection and disposal

  • Pressure washing

  • Grounds cleaning

  • Provide trash receptacles

  • Provide recycling receptacles

  • Power sweeping

  • Banner placement/ Removal

  • Landscaping

  • Light construction

  • Decorations

  • Janitorial

  • And more

Movie Set Clean-up

PWU has been providing movie set clean up of years. Our team has been involved with the cleaning of multiple movies including Transformers, Divergent, Jupiter Ascending, and many others. The movie industry demands immediate high quality service. Film makers rent areas for a short time from home owners, businesses, municipalities, and others. These property owners often have alterations done to their property to accommodate for the movie. Once completed the property must be restored to its original condition. That’s where PWU comes in and takes control. Our experienced team will clean and restore the area as if they were never there. PWU can pressure wash any surface or clean any mess made by special effects. Additionally, we have owned dump trucks to haul large debris and loaders to load the mess. We can also provide water for you needs with our self-contained pressure washing trucks. One call does it all call Pressure Washing Unlimited today.

Sports & Entertainment Cleanup
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