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About Us

Welcome to Pressure Washing Unlimited

We specialize in pressure washing and water recovery on all major surfaces for commercial properties, businesses, apartment buildings, and residences. PWU is a certified WBE/DBE/ACDBE union company. 


Who are we?

Pressure Washing Unlimited has been a family owned and operated company since 1992. We have the most experienced staff in the industry. Additionally, PWU holds the highest quality standards in the industry. In fact, PWU is the first union pressure washing company in the country. PWU has full time pressure washing techs on staff year round with higher pay earnings than anywhere else in the field. Our product and commitment is guaranteed through our employees and our continuing education and dedication. 

What sets us apart from other pressure washing companies?

Employees here at PWU take pride in their work and are among the most qualified, educated, experienced, and most respected in the country. PWU Continues education and research every day in order to insure our success on each project we engage. PWU has a deep understanding of how to safely, effectively, and properly clean all surfaces. PWU is often hired for our expertise to devise cleaning strategies in unique settings. Our highly trained staff can solve any cleaning issue in any environment. Brute force and aggressive techniques are often implemented by under experienced firms which often cause serious damage and consequences. PWU can identify unseen hazardous, devise safety plans, and even fabricate pressure washing equipment to accommodate any project. PWU works with engineers, project managers, safety specialist, and other professionals to insure a safe quality project every time. Our experience and knowledge is simply unparalleled anywhere in the country. Knowledge is the key to our success in providing safe, cost effective, efficient, and effective services. Understanding the materials and the chemistry involved with cleaning them is critical to the success and safety of your project. PWU goes to great lengths to insure your project will always be safe with the highest quality anywhere in the world. Self-contained high volume vehicles enable PWU to work in any environment with little to no resources. Our equipment and experience enable us to go where others simply cannot. PWU is able to recovery waste water, treat that same waste water, and reuse it to minimize environmental impact significantly. Clean water is critical to all things living. PWU is determined to help prevent damage to our ecosystem by eliminating contaminated waste water runoff. The technology has been present for a long time to safely and effectively clean anything anywhere. PWU has utilized this technology as well as designed and fabricated more effective systems. When traditional waste water recovery devices are unsuitable for your project PWU will fabricate one that will work flawlessly. PWU is often tasked with unique cleaning problems nationwide in various settings from highly populated areas to remote areas, manufacturing facilities, high voltage locations, freezer storage buildings, and much more. With the experience, knowledge, and determined staff PWU is sure to make your project safe, smooth, and flawless. 


Benefits of a trained power washing company!


  • Low-pressure cleaning methods that safely clean your property.

  • Water recovery and evironmental impact reduction. 

  • Better quality as a result of experience and proprietary cleaning procedures.

  • A Better Price! Quality and effeciency is guranteed through experience which results in reduced cost.

  • Adaptable cleaning procedures with little to no resources.

  • Safety cordinator and project managers on all projects.

  • Large fleet of self conatined vehicles to gurantee your project is complete on time and on budget. 

  • No risk of contamination or fines from polution of storm water drains. 

  • Guranteed damage and loss prevention through safe practices.

  • There are plenty more benifits please call for more information. 


We stand behind our work.

We are proud to offer the most impressive warranties available in our industry. Our warranties are based on intense research, and the unsurpassed quality of service we provide, for every project we perform.


We would like to thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you found some of the information useful. Our company has been providing services since 1992. We are a family owned and operated business. We specialize in commercial, residential, and industrial services. We have cleaned more than 20 million square feet of parking garages and storefronts. We have painted and washed large properties, such as the International Chicago Produce Market. We have supplied our expertise in power washing for Chicago's special events, such as the Chicago Blues Festival, Taste of Chicago, Chicago Gospel Fest, Race to the Taste, Chicago Air and Water Show, and the Chicago Jazz Fest. PWU holds multiple multiyear municipal contracts for the City of Chicago. PWU also holds the contract for cleaning most of Chicago’s special events for the past 8 years. 


We have provided special cleaning procedures for the Chicago Park District on Buckingham Fountain. We also provide snow plowing services for companies such as Walmart®. So if you are in need of power washing, building sealing, painting, graffiti removal, or snow plowing, count on the most experienced staff in the business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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