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Warehouse Cleaning


PWU specializes in warehouse pressure washing of interiors, exteriors, and ceilings, including live and non-live electrical facilities. We offer the total package for cleaning your facility, including masking, waterproofing, and air drying. Our experience in cleaning warehouses has proven itself time and time again, as we clean areas that were once regarded as impossible to clean. From airport hangars to metal fabrication plants to automotive facilities, PWU has been there.  PWU is an industry leader in warehouse cleaning and we continue raising the bar every year. PWU works with electrical engineers, architects, and many others to insure safe and effective ways to clean in a safe and effective manner. Most warehouse interiors are designed to be dry and avoid water and cleaning methods. Warehouses often have high voltage, equipment, data servers, UPS systems, generators, internet and communication systems, and much more. These things are not intended to get wet. PWU understands the complexity and importance of keeping all systems safe and dry while still being able to accomplish our goal. PWU can work with managers and key individuals to create of one of a kind process to clean your facility safely and effectively. Studies have shown that a clean well-lit work place will help boost morale, increase productivity, and improve safety. Please call today for a free consultation. 773-392-1500 

Interior Warehouse Cleaning


Pressure Washing Unlimited has dedicated employees that specialize in interior warehouse cleaning. 
Services include:
  • Oil and grease spill clean-up
  • Debris and gum removal
  • Trash Clean-up
  • Surface cleaning 
  • Waterproof and sealing surface
  • Custom cleaning and planning
Beneifts from Maintaining Warehouse Appearance:
  • Helps prevent future wear and tear on surface
  • Helps maintain proper appreance 
  • Keeps from oil, grease, and other substains penetrating into the surface
  • Clean surfaces reduce slip and fall accidents 

  • Reduce potential ground contamination




  • Sweep surface
  • Apply chemicals 
  • Scrub surface
  • Rinse area
  • Recover waste water
  • Repeat (if necessary) 


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