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Emergency Cleanup and Natural Disaster Cleanup

We offer immediate response pressure washing for emergencies and natural disasters. PWU has trucks available 24/7 that are dedicated to this service. Each truck is fully self-contained and equipped with waste water recovery systems to help contain toxins and waste water. PWU cares about our environment and that's why these trucks were put into service. PWU is tired of seeing harmful contaminants washed into our sewers and waterways. We devote ourselves to making a difference! When disaster strikes PWU will spring into action and help restore order. Our experienced staff is able to provide fast, efficient, and seamless service. Pressure Washing Unlimited can provide a complete clean up service including pressure washing, janitorial services, water removal, Trash removal, dump truck services, hauling, and much more. Our equipment is all owned and is always ready for rapid response situations. Please call to setup service now to insure your business is prepared for any situation. 

Spill Containments and Cleanup


As we all know accidents happen, they are impossible to predict and often happen at the worst possible times. You can setup a contract with PWU to have peace of mind with our standard crew available 24/7. Our highly experienced team has worked in every industry and helped clean spills of all kinds, sizes, and in various settings. Time is of the essence in this industry and PWU fully understands the importance of arriving quickly to resolve any and all issues. PWU can meet with key individuals within your company to fully understand how your company operates and what issues may arise. From there PWU will establish a plan to safely accommodate all of your spill containment needs. Including training and preparation for our crew, custom equipment to fit specific needs, mapping and locations, and assigning individuals to be responsible for rapid response. Contracting PWU will save time and money when an accident occurs. Companies in which do not have a contracted spill cleanup company are often left with costly bills and even fines. PWU is fully licensed and insured to handle spills, waste recovery, waste hauling, and proper waste disposal. PWU owns all of our equipment which allows us to respond faster, provide better pricing, and guarantee timely service. Our fleet is fully equipped with Waste recovery trucks, vacuum trucks, transportation vehicles, trucks and trailers, dump trucks. heavy equipment, wheel loaders, backhoes, sweeper trucks, water trucks, box trucks, and much more. Our clients expect fast service to handle any situation on any day at any location. And with PWU that is exactly what you will get every time guaranteed! Be prepared with PWU give us a call for a free consultation.

Chemical Clean-up

Have you ever wondered where spilled oil, chemicals, or waste that’s left there goes once it rains? Or what happens to the detergent that runs down the driveway when you wash your truck, car, or motorcycle? What happens to pressure washing generated waste water that is not recovered? The spilled oils, detergents, dirty water, chemicals, and other waste is carried through city drains into the nearest lake, stream, bay or ocean. Waste water from your home enters a sewer to be collected at a sewage treatment facility. The sewage is then treated and released into clean water ways once suitable. On the other hand, rain sewers do not get treated instead they enter local water ways including ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. This is why it is critical to prevent unwanted chemicals from entering these water ways. Plants, fish, animals, and entire ecosystems rely on clean water to sustain.  PWU urges you to do your part and help prevent contamination. PWU can clean spills and prevent unwanted waste from entering storm drains. PWU will treat this water in our trucks, at our shop, or transport the waste to the proper recycling plant. 

Our staff has the proper training and experience to clean chemical spills, recover the waste, and dispose of the waste in a safe manner. Please be aware that chemical spills must be cleaned properly and there can be fines and penalties involved if left unattended. Please visit the ILLINOIS E.P.A website for more information on chemical spills. Additionally, PWU advises individuals who intend on using chemicals to read the ILLINOIS Clean Water Act. 


24 Hour Response Team

24-hour service is a standard at PWU and does not cost any extra for our contracted clients. We understand accidents, storms, and natural disasters can happen at any time and are often unpredictable. This is why PWU has crew members and equipment geared up and ready to go at moment’s notice. Our clients are given peace of mind knowing we have them covered no matter what situation might occur. Each of our clients have an established plan, potential locations, and potential situations that PWU may encounter. Being prepared, having a plan, and the proper training allow PWU to be an industry leader. Our experienced crews can handle anything from garbage spills, chemical spills, all the way up to tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes. PWU has the manpower and equipment to deploy a large fleet of vehicles to manage any situation. PWU is also a trusted source for the Chicago film industry for many cleaning solutions. Film makers often encounter unseen situations in various locations where they need immediate service. Filming often cost thousands of dollars per minute and any interruption is extremely costly. PWU is the trusted source to resolve any problem and help the crew return to filming. We want to help all of our potential clients have this same level of service. We understand your business is important and it needs to stay running at all times without interruption. That is why PWU has established our superior 24/7 service to protect the interest of our clients.

Pressure Washing Unlimited has years of experience with all types of disasters. We handle them in a timely and professional manner. 


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