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Custom Wrought Iron Fencing

PWU is a licensed general contractor offering a full line of exterior services to all of our customers. Wrought iron fencing is one of our specialties with outstanding quality and customization options. We offer basic iron fencing all the way up to high end one of a kind completely handmade custom fencing. PWU has the ability and equipment to make artistic iron fencing and make your ideas to come to life. We also offer our own artistic options in creating one of a kind stunning iron fencing. Our clients also have the option to be part of the design process and work with the team to make their dream fencing a reality. PWU integrates key features and design from the property to bring a new dimension into wrought iron fencing. With PWU and our design team the custom possibilities are endless. 

Custom illuminated fencing

PWU has pioneered the idea and method of creating one of a kind custom illuminated fencing. Fencing can be made of many materials to suit any need and look. Custom design panels are made in our shop by our specialist and are not available anywhere else! Designers will work with you to develop a design that is one of a kind that fits you and your project.  Once the design process is done PWU will create a prototype for approval. The prototype will them be duplicated and installed with the additional panels once accepted. These panels are lit with led lights and will have serviceable panels for maintenance, they can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial uses. These panels can be customized with virtually any design, logo, or slogan. This product will truly set your property apart from others! call today for more information.

Custom metal furniture

PWU offers custom furniture to match you fencing and overall theme. From benches, chairs, to lights PWU has you covered. Our goal is to bring a completely custom look and design to your property. The customization we offer is confidential and will not be shared with others prior to the installation of your products. PWU will not duplicate your design for anyone else without your consent to do so or share photos of your projects with other clients. We take custom and one of a kind projects seriously and want our customers to have their purchase for themselves. At PWU we believe art should not be duplicated but rather inspired. This is the sole reason we do not offer a photo gallery for any of these projects on our website. The custom furniture is a great way to tie your project together with one of our custom fences. Call PWU for more information.

Custom metalwork 

PWU also offers custom metalwork to complete and match the rest of your project. Including signs, railings, stairs, lights, and much more. PWU can help our clients establish a theme with our complete packages. By using the same metals, same designs, and accent features. We bring dreams and ideas to life through our creative ability. These products are suitable anywhere including museums, personal collections, displays, product booths, homes, businesses, trade shows, and much more. Our creativity can help give your home or business the recognition it deserves. To further finish your project or theme we even offer a one of a kind metal art fixture, statue, or art piece that will never be replicated! These items can range in size to fit your needs. Call for a free consultation today.






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